Performance Wheels to suit every need.  Race, Track, Street or Show.  We offer the industries leading brands.

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Brixton Forged

The founding mantra of Brixton Forged Wheels is quality. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. With each of our forged wheel sets engineered exclusively to our clients individual vehicle specifications, every plan, drawing, milling program, forging, rim half and finishing technique are carefully perfected to exude quality from the core. From initial design through final assembly, each tailored forged wheel we manufacture has an attachment to us personally and every order is carefully produced and reviewed by our Engineers not only to ensure structural perfection but to provide a unique and timeless wheel set.



The ADV.1 line consists of literally hundreds of style / configuration combinations. In order to find the ADV.1 wheel that best suits your individual style, performance expectations and budget please contact us to discuss your personal needs and goals for your vehicle.

ADV.1 Wheels are currently offered in any of the 15 styles shown below: Track Spec Configuration with exposed assembly hardware as an example, for style selection purposes only. The next steps will allow you to further individualize the wheel to your specific requirements and aesthetic style.


DPE Forged Wheels

Yet another brand needing no introduction. DPE has been in the forefront of 3-piece wheel manufacturing since the very start. We really like DPE for their very diverse wheel choice and pricing. DPE Always delivers top quality at reasonable price.

Forgestar Main


These are our best selling wheels. They are light, strong and have customizable fitments and finished. Forgestar wheels fill the gap between the heavy cast wheels and light forged wheels at a VERY attractive price!

Volk Racing Wheel Main

VOLK Racing Wheels

Volk is #1 choice for lightweight street and racing 1-piece wheel applications. The wheels are made in Japan and they are available in Japanese and European vehicle fitments. See inside for details.

Advan Wheels Main

ADVAN Wheels

Advan is Yokohama’s flagship brand. It is the name given to Yokohama’s best high performance road tyres, race tyres and light weight wheel range… Derived from “Advance”, it means using innovation to keep one step ahead of competitors.

Vossen Wheels Main


VOSSEN provides gorgeous wheels for practically any car out there. They have unique concave designs and the pricing is very reasonable. We like VOSSEN because of variety of applications, style and strength of the wheels.

Vorsteiner Wheel Main

Vorsteiner Forged Wheels

Vorsteiner has been designing exterior styling accessories for years. The designs are specifically targeted at high performance Euro cars and they flow with the lines and the overall style of the car perfectly. Contact us for best pricing.

BBS Wheel Main

BBS Wheels

When you think of an aftermarket or a racing wheel, BBS tops the list. BBS is a granddaddy of them all. Their original designs are copied by many. Those who have the authentic BBS are recognized by any car enthusiast for their knowledgeable choice in wheels.

Merecdes Benz C63 Black on Rennen Wheels

RENNEN Modular Forged

This wheel brand features beautiful, designs in concave and classic profiles. Multipiece and the light monoblocls are available. Rennen is known for lighter weights and fair pricing. For best price contact us over the phone or e-mail.

Klassen Wheels Main


KLASSEN Leichtmetallrader is a company which focuses strictly on quality, exclusivity, durability and the looks. These wheels are not for everyone but only for those who know the difference and can afford to choose. The wheels are flawless in every way.

HRE Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale C99S

HRE Forged Wheels

HRE is a standard by which other wheels are measured. HRE represents the benchmark in strength, quality and customer satisfaction. With fast production times, unique and tasteful designs there is simply no better name out there.