Keep your vehicles running well and safely with fluids that are made for performance. ACG Automotive carries such brands as:


Motul Main


Motul is the go to solution for all of our high performance race engines and for those who want the ultimate in lubrication properties for their high performance vehicles.  Motul specializes in the essential when it comes to engine oil, R35 DCT Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid and Gear Differential Oil for limited slip diffs.

HKS Main


HKS DCT Fluid is a great alternative option for transmission oil in the R35 GTR.  One more great option from a company profound in pushing Japanese vehicles to the limit on the race track.

Mobil 1 Main

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is one of the worlds largest brands in automotive motor oils.  Recommended by some of the industries top Automobile manufacturers as OEM specified motor oil.  We always carry it in stock to maintain high end German, Japanese, Italian and American vehicles.

Dodson Main

Dodson Motorsport

Dodson Motorsport is hands down the pinnacle in R35 GR6 Transmission component development and enhancement.  Their aftermarket parts are to thank for some of the most insane R35 GTR’s pushing limits of 2000 wheel horsepower to the ground.  We use their DCT Fluid in all Sheptrans Built Transmission for our upgraded race car GTR’s.

Willall Main

Willall Racing

Willall Racing specializes in R35 GTR Lubricants with various specs of Transmission Fluid, differential Fluid and Motor Oil.